Information on cmcapchr-m4

PPCME2 information

Text name Capgrave's Chronicle
File name cmcapchr-m4
Manuscript University Library Gg.IV.12, Cambridge
Date a1464
Dialect East Midlands (Lynn, Norfolk)
Genre History
Edition Lucas, Peter J. 1983. John Capgrave's Abbreuiacion of cronicles. EETS O.S. 285. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Sample Pp. 32-160, 209-217, 238-249

John Capgrave was born in 1393, probably at Lynn, Norfolk, where he died in 1464. He was ordained a priest in 1416/17 and studied theology in London (1417-1422) and Cambridge (1422-1427). He became an Augustinian friar.

The Chronicle manuscript is a holograph which was probably completed in 1462 or 1463, just before his death. The two major sources he used are the Chronicon Pontificum et Imperatorum of Martinus Polonus, and the St. Alban's Chronicle of Thomas Walsingham. Capgrave's English reflects little direct influence from his Latin sources, but there are a few constructions, such as absolutes, that have been taken over directly.

The Sermon was preached in 1422, but written down later. The manuscript is apparently a holograph.

Helsinki Corpus information

File name CMCAPCHR
Text identifier M4 NN HIST CAPCHR
Period M4
Date of original 1420-1500
Date of manuscript 1420-1500
Contemporaneity SAME
Dialect EML
Verse or prose PROSE
Text type HISTORY
Relationship to foreign original X
Foreign original X
Relationship to spoken language WRITTEN
Sex of author MALE
Age of author 60-
Social rank of author PROF
Audience description X
Participant relationship X
Interaction X
Setting X
Prototypical text category NARR NON-IMAG