Jami Fisher



Room 345-C, Third Floor, 3401-C Walnut St.

Ed.D., Higher Education, University of Pennsylvania, 2014M.S. Ed., University of Pennsylvania, 2002B.A., Colby College, 1997
Research Interests

My current research interest focuses on the intersection of ASL language learning and teaching with Academically Based Community Service (ABCS) experiences. Grounded in linguistic and cultural theory, Penn students work at Pennsylvania School for the Deaf and the Deaf Hearing Communication Centre on a regular basis, participating in collaborative, research-based service co-developed with the local deaf community organization. Inquiries into how these service experiences expand students’ academic and linguistic growth and collaborations with deaf people inform course development and curricula and further inform research and practice for mutually beneficial ASL program-deaf community partnerships.

In addition, in collaboration with other Linguistics department faculty, I am working on collecting sociolinguistic data on Philadelphia-area sign variations of ASL. The aim of this project is to capture the generational and regional variations specific to the Philadelphia area for community benefit and research purposes.

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