Penn Working Papers in Linguistics

Volume 9.2 (2003)

Papers from NWAV 31

Edited by Tara Sanchez and Uri Horesh.

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  1. Hélène Blondeau. The old nous and the new nous: A comparison of 19th and 20th Century spoken Quebec French.
  2. Richard Cameron. Three Puerto Rican Spanish variables as texts on aging and gendering.
  3. Anne Harper Charity. Range of dialect in the formal speech of African-American elementary school children.
  4. Eve V. Clark. Critical periods, time, and practice.
  5. Cecilia Cutler. The authentic speaker revisited: A look at ethnic perception data from white hip hoppers.
  6. Chad Howe and Scott A. Schwenter. Present perfect for preterite across Spanish dialects.
  7. Thomas A. Klinger. Language labels and language use among Cajuns and Creoles in Louisiana.
  8. Andrew Koontz-Garboden. Spanish progressive aspect in stochastic OT.
  9. Manfred Krug. (Great) vowel shifts present and past: Meeting ground for structural and natural phonologists.
  10. Kenjiro Matsuda. Constant Rate Hypothesis, age-grading, and apparent time construct.
  11. Beckie Moriello and Walt Wolfram. New dialect formation in the rural South: Emerging Hispanic English varieties in the mid-Atlantic.
  12. Aaron Shield. The 64 million dollar vowel: Anglo pronunciation of a Spanish last name in Texas.
  13. Rena Torres Cacoullos and Jessie Elana Aaron. Determiner variation with English-origin nouns in New Mexican Spanish: Borrowing bare forms.

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