U. Penn Working Papers in Linguistics

Volume 9.1 (2003)

Proceedings of the 26th Annual Penn Linguistics Colloquium

Edited by Elsi Kaiser and Sudha Arunachalam.

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  1. Klaus Abels. Auxiliary adverb word order revisited.
  2. Philipp Angermeyer. Copying contiguous gestures: An articulatory account of Bella Coola reduplication.
  3. Karlos Arregi. Clitic Left Dislocation is Contrastive Topicalization.
  4. Michael Becker. Hebrew stress: Can’t you hear those trochees?
  5. Sook-Hee Chae. Possessives in naturally occurring discourse: A Centering approach.
  6. Francesca Del Gobbo. Appositives and quantification.
  7. Ken Hiraiwa. Movement and derivation: Eliminating the PBC.
  8. Elsi Kaiser & John Trueswell. Putting things in context: Sentence processing in languages with flexible word order.
  9. Svetlana McCoy. Unifying the meaning of multifunctional particles: The case of Russian že.
  10. Thomas McFadden. Adventures in resolving redundancy: Case vs. the EPP.
  11. Eleni Miltsakaki. Effects of subordination on referential form and interpretation.
  12. Masashi Nomura. The true nature of nominative objects in Japanese.
  13. Anna Papafragou. Aspectuality and scalar implicatures in child language.
  14. Long Peng. Local conjunction and Kikuyu consonant mutation.
  15. Elizabeth Pyatt. Relativized mutation domains in the Celtic languages.

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