Penn Working Papers in Linguistics

Volume 8.1 (2003)

Proceedings of PLC 25

Edited by Sudha Arunachalam, Elsi Kaiser and Alexander Williams.

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  1. Anne Abeillé, Lionel Clement and Alexandra Kinyon. The TALANA treebank for French.
  2. Dominika Baran. English loanwords in Polish and the question of gender assignment.
  3. Sabrina Bendjaballah and Martin Haiden. Templatic inflection in German.
  4. Wi-Vun Taiffalo Chiung. Tone change in Taiwanese: Age and geographic factors.
  5. Shuki Cohen. A computerized scale for monitoring levels of agreement during a conversation.
  6. Paola Escudero and Paul Boersma. Modelling the perceptual development of phonological contrasts with Optimality Theory and the Gradual Learning Algorithm.
  7. Andrea Gualmini, Simona Maciukaite and Stephen Crain. Children's insensitivity to contrastive stress in sentences with only.
  8. Norbert Hornstein and Hirohisa Kiguchi. PRO Gate and movement
  9. Joo-Phil Kim. t-Palatalization and hypercorrection in the Korean central dialect.
  10. Mariana Lambova. On the interaction multiple (non) wh-fronting and multiple topicalization in Bulgarian.
  11. Reiko Makino. Pragmatic analysis of Japanese koto and no.
  12. Brian D. McHugh. Sonority sequencing and optimal syllable structure in one Philadelphian's polysyllabic /ae/-tensing pattern.
  13. George Smith. On the distribution of the genitive attribute and its prepositional counterpart in Modern Standard German.
  14. Gianluca Storto. Agreement in Masai and the syntax of possessive DPs (I).
  15. Meghan Sumner. A psycholinguistic approach to abstractness: The case of Hebrew.
  16. Yaping Tsai. The semantic difference between Chinese quan and dou.
  17. Susi Wurmbrand. Agree: The other VP-internal subject hypothesis.

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