U. Penn Working Papers in Linguistics

Volume 7.3 (2001)

Papers from NWAV 29

Edited by Tara Sanchez and Daniel Ezra Johnson.

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  1. Sarah Bunin Benor. The learned /t/: Phonological variation in Orthodox Jewish English.
  2. David Bowie. Dialect contact and dialect change: The effect of near-mergers.
  3. Sylvie Dubois & Barbara M. Horvath. Do Cajuns speak Southern English: Morphosyntactic evidence.
  4. Judy Dyer. Changing dialects and identities in a Scottish-English community.
  5. Betsy Evans & Dennis R. Preston. When it's not nice to be normal: What's missing from normalized data.
  6. Paul Foulkes, Gerard R. Docherty & Dominic J. L. Watt. The emergence of structured variation.
  7. Kirk Hazen. An introductory investigation into bidialectalism.
  8. David Heap & Svetlana Kaminskaia. Variable clitic sequences in non-standard French: Feature geometry or Optimality.
  9. Michol F. Hoffman. Salvadoran Spanish /-s/ aspiration and deletion in a bilingual context.
  10. Rika Ito. Belief, attitudes, and linguistic accommodation: A case of urban sound change in rural Michigan.
  11. Lisa Ann Lane. Creating and balancing identities: (Re)constructing sociolinguistic spaces through dialect change in real time.
  12. Daniel Long. Towards a framework for comparing sociolinguistic aspects of isolated language variety communities.
  13. Ceil Lucas & Robert Bayley. The importance of variation research for Deaf communities.
  14. Megan E. Melancon. Linguistic, racial, and ancestral tensions in Creole Louisiana.
  15. Michael Montgomery. Trans-atlantic connections for variable grammatical features.
  16. Naomi Nagy. Writing a sociolinguistic grammar of Faetar.
  17. Nancy Niedzielski. Chipping away at the perception/production interface.
  18. John Victor Singler. Why you can't do a VARBRUL study of quotatives, and what such a study can show us.
  19. Peter Snow. A discrete co-systems approach to language variation on the Panamanian island of Bastimentos.
  20. Keith Walters. English-only rules in the workplace and the court's response.

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