U. Penn Working Papers in Linguistics

Volume 7.1 (2000)

Proceedings of the 24th Annual Penn Linguistics Colloquium

Edited by Michelle Minnick Fox, Alexander Williams and Elsi Kaiser.

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  1. Eric Bakovic. Nasal place assimilation in Spanish.
  2. Emily Bender. Non-categorical constraints in perception.
  3. Benjamin K. Bergen. Ramifications of syntax-phonology interactions for phonological models.
  4. Tonia Bleam, Chung-hye Han and Jeffrey Lidz. Grammatical downsizing and the redistribution of semantic wealth.
  5. Woohyeok Chang. Geminate vs. non-geminate consonants in Italian: Evidence from a phonetic analysis.
  6. Barbara Citko. Reconstruction and (free) relatives.
  7. Kleanthes K. Grohmann. Movement issues in left-dislocation constructions.
  8. Patrick Grommes. Contributing to coherence: An empirical study on O.R. team communication
  9. Chung-hye Han, Mee-sook Kim and Juntae Yoon. Getting rid of `double relative clauses' in Korean.
  10. William J. Idsardi and Sun-Hoi Kim. The phonology-syntax interface in North Kyungsang Korean.
  11. Becky Kennedy. Acquisition of constraints on forward coreference.
  12. Seth Kulick. A unified analysis of clitic climbing and long-distance scrambling.
  13. Minkyung Lee. Focus and morpho-syntax in Korean accentual phrasing.
  14. Victoria W. Massey. Perfect, passive and reflexive in Albanian.
  15. Luisa Meroni, Andrea Gualmini and Stephen Crain. A conservative approach to quantification in child language.
  16. Simona Pekarek Doehler. Anaphora in conversation: Grammatical coding and preference organization.
  17. Liina Pylkännen. What applicative heads apply to.
  18. Monika Rathert. Universal/existential ambiguities in German.
  19. Itziar San Martin. The Control basis for Obviation in Basque.
  20. Yael Sharvit. Tense in copular constructions: Identifying three types of copular sentences.
  21. Ivy Sichel. Demonsrative pronouns, Binding Theory, and identity.
  22. Mariko Sugahara. Japanese major phrase formation and NonFinality.
  23. Hisao Tokizaki. Syntax-phonology interactions and the length of constituents.

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