U. Penn Working Papers in Linguistics

Volume 4.1 (1997)

A selection of papers from NWAVE 25

Edited by Charles Boberg, Miriam Meyerhoff, Stephanie Strassel, and the PWPL editorial board (Alexis Dimitriadis, Laura Siegel, Clarissa Surek-Clark, and Alexander Williams).

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  1. Allan Bell And Gary Johnson. Towards a sociolinguistics of style.
  2. Miriam Meyerhoff. Engendering identities: Pronoun selection as an indicator of salient intergroup identities.
  3. Carmen Fought. A majority sound change in a minority community.
  4. Lisa Ann Lane. Addressing the actuation question for local linguistic communities.
  5. Otto Santa Ana And Claudia Parodi. Typologizing the sociolinguistic speech community.
  6. Natalie Schilling-Estes and Walt Wolfram. Symbolic identity and language change: A comparative analysis of post-insular /ay/ and /aw/.
  7. Barbara M. Horvath and Ronald J. Horvath. The geolinguistics of a sound change in progress: /l/ vocalization in Australia.
  8. Matthew J. Gordon. Urban sound change beyond the cities: The spread of the Northern Cities chain shift.
  9. David Britain. Dialect contact, focusing and phonological rule complexity: the Koineisation of Fenland English.
  10. J. K. Chambers. Sociolinguistic coherence of changes in a standard dialect.
  11. Bridget L. Anderson. Adaptive sociophonetic strategies and dialect accommodation: /ay/ monophthongization in Cherokee English.
  12. Fu-Dong Chiou. Phonetic realization of final engma in Taipei Mandarin.
  13. James Meyers and Gregory R. Guy. Frequency effects in Variable Lexical Phonology.
  14. Charles Boberg. Variation in the nativization of foreign [a] in English.
  15. Paul Foulkes. Rule inversion in a British English dialect: A sociolinguistic investigation of [r]-sandhi in Newcastle upon Tyne.
  16. Rajesh M. Bhatt. Optimality and the syntax of lectal variation.
  17. Ruth King and Terry Nadasdi. The truth about codeswitching in insular Acadian.
  18. Otto Santa Ana. Empirical analysis of anti-immigrant metaphor in political discourse.
  19. Lanita Jacobs-Huey. Is there an authentic African American speech community: Carla revisited.
  20. Cecilia A. Cutler. Yorkville Crossing: a case study of the influence of Hip Hop culture on the speech of a white middle class adolescent in New York City.
  21. Naomi Nagy. Modeling contact-induced language change.

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