U. Penn Working Papers in Linguistics

Volume 3.1 (1996)

(N)WAVES and MEANS: A selection of papers from NWAVE 24

Edited by Miriam Meyerhoff.

The University of Pennsylvania Linguistics Club took the opportunity to benefit from the proximity of NWAVE 24, which was held in Philadelphia in 1995, and collected a selection of papers that have been published as part of the PWPL series. (A second volume of selected papers from NWAVE 25, appearing as PWPL volume 4.1, is continuing what we hope will be an enduring tradition).

The papers are a small, but we hope representative, selection of the themes of the conference. The volume includes several papers looking at syntactic variation (within formal and functional frameworks), papers which look at the gap between perception and production in unstable (changing or L2) sound systems, a group of papers dealing with speakers' positioning of selves within social space by choosing one of several speech varieties or linguistic markers available to them, and papers in social dialectology.

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  1. Gregory R. Guy. Post-Saussurean Linguistics: Toward an integrated theory of language
  2. Richard Cameron. A Proposed Explanation of the Specific/Nonspecific TU Constraint Ranking in Spanish
  3. David Heap. Subject Pronoun Variation in Central Romance
  4. Maria Jose Serrano. Accounting for Morpho-Syntactic Change in Spanish: The present perfect case
  5. Tracey L. Weldon. Past Marking in Gullah
  6. Nancy Niedzielski. Acoustic Analysis and Language Attitudes in Detroit
  7. Lisa Ann Lane, Robert Knippen, Jeannette Denton and Daniel Suslak. Reaching Criterion in Phonetic Transcription: Validity and reliability of non-native speakers
  8. Naomi Nagy. Christine Moisset and Gillian Sankoff, On the Acquisition of Variable Phonology in L2
  9. Anita Henderson. The Short `a' Pattern of Philadelphia among African-American Speakers
  10. Walt Wolfram and Kirk Hazen. Isolation within Isolation: The invisible Outer Banks dialect
  11. James Peterson. Sociolinguistic Interviewer Style Variation: Hyperconvergence in the Other Informant
  12. Scott Fabius Kiesling. Men's Identities and Patterns of Variation
  13. Daniel Lefkowitz. On the Mediation of Class, Race & Gender: Intonation on Sports Radio Talk Shows
  14. James Milroy. Variation in /ai/ in Northern British English, with comments on Canadian Raising
  15. Christine Moisset. The Status of 'h aspire' in French Today
  16. Paul Kerswill. Dialect Levelling, Koineisation and the Speech of the Adult Migrant
  17. Stephanie M. Strassel and Charles Boberg. The Reversal of a Sound Change in Cincinnati
  18. Sylvie Dubois, Martine Boutin, and David Sankoff. The Quantitative Analysis of Turntaking in Multiparticipant Conversations

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