Penn Working Papers in Linguistics

Volume 11.1 (2005)

Proceedings of the 28th Annual Penn Linguistics Colloquium

Edited by Sudha Arunachalam, Tatjana Scheffler, Sandhya Sundaresan, and Joshua Tauberer.

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  • EDITH ALDRIDGE. Antipassive, clefting, and specificity.
  • BRIDGET COPLEY. Futurate meanings.
  • A. FILTCHENKO. Non-canonical agent-marking in Eastern Khanty: A functional-pragmatic perspective.
  • SCOTT FULTS. A (Remnant) Raising Analysis of English comparatives.
  • LIWEI GAO. The Englishization of Mandarin in computer-mediated communication.
  • ELAINE GROLLA. Resumptive pronouns as last resort: Implications for language acquisition.
  • MARTIN HILPERT. From causality to concessivity: The story of just because.
  • FENG-FAN HSIEH. Tonal chain-shifts as anti-neutralization-induced tone sandhi.
  • ELSI KAISER. On the role of contrast in pronoun interpretation: Some insights from Estonian.
  • JU-EUN LEE. A-movement locality in applicative constructions.
  • THOMAS LEU. Something invisible in English.
  • LISA LEVINSON. 'To' in two places and the dative alternation.
  • THOMAS MCFADDEN. The distribution of clauses in non-finite clauses: An account without case.
  • ELENI MILTSAKAKI. A Centering analysis of relative clauses in English and Greek.
  • MASAHIKO MUTSUKAWA. Loanword accentuation in Japanese.
  • BALKIZ OZTURK. Pseudo-incorporation of agents.
  • LISA PEARL. Addressing acquisition from language change: A modeling perspective.
  • LAURA RIMELL AND THOMAS LEU. VP-preposing and relative scope.
  • LOTFI SAYAHI. Phonological adaptation of Spanish loanwords in Northern Moroccan Arabic.
  • GRACIELA TESAN AND ROSALIND THORNTON. Emergence of do-support in child English.
  • SATOSHI TOMIOKA AND CHANG-YONG SIM. Event structure of the inalienable possession in Korean.
  • STAVROULA TSIPLAKOU. The Greek connective ke: Towards a unitary radical pragmatic account.
  • REIKO VERMEULEN. Two types of multiple nominative constructions in Japanese.
  • JOEL C. WALLENBERG. A story of the American -self: A case study in morphological variation.
  • LAURIE WOODS. Deriving coda conditions through the generalized local conjunction of markedness constraints.

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