U. Penn Working Papers in Linguistics

Volume 1 (1994)

Edited by Roumyana Izvorski, Miriam Meyerhoff, Bill Reynolds, Victoria Tredinnick.

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Papers for which no link is provided are not available online. All available papers are in PostScript format. Some of them may not display properly in your PostScript previewer, but they ought to print correctly anyway.


Eugene Buckley, Tigrinya Vowel Features and Vowel Coalescence.

David Embick, Licensing and Consonantal Harmony.

Anthony Kroch and Ann Taylor, The Syntax of Verb Movement in Middle English: Dialect Variation and Language Contact.

Miriam Meyerhoff, Rethinking "Gender" as a Sociolinguistic Variable.

Naomi Nagy, Language Contact: Italian (?) Geminates in Faetar.
(Note: The online version is missing some graphics).

Bill Reynolds and Hadass Sheffer, Variation and Optimality.

Bernhard Rohrbacher, Notes on the Antisymmetry of Syntax.

Josef Taglicht, Syntactic Structure and Intonational Phrasing.

Ann Taylor, Variation in Past Tense Formation in the History of English.

Gregory Ward and Betty Birner, A Unified Account of English Fronting Constructions.

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