Language & Cognition Lab to present several studies at the 36th Annual Conference on Human Sentence Processing

The Language & Cognition Lab is proud to announce that they will be presenting several studies at the 36th Annual Conference on Human Sentence Processing, to be held at the University of Pittsburgh in March. We will be showcasing two talks and three poster presentations, including "Linguistic and Cognitive Event Units across Languages" by S. Lee, A. Pintado-Urbanc, A. Papafragou & E. Unal, "Labeling novel entities in mass-count and classifier languages" by S. Lee, L. Magnifesta,  Y. Ji, & A. Papafragou, "Discourse effects on the acquisition of subordinate nouns" by J. Choe and A. Papafragou, "Aspectual Processing and Event Perception" by U. Vurgun, Y. Ji & A. Papafragou, and "The Goal Bias Emerges Early in Motion Event Inspection and Speech Planning: Evidence from Eye-Movements" by Y. Chen, A. Papafragou, & J. Trueswell.