Strong presence by Language & Cognition Lab at LSA 2023.

Strong presence by Language & Cognition Lab at LSA 2023.

The Language & Cognition lab had a strong presence this year at the 97th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America! We had four abstracts accepted as talks and one abstract accepted as a poster. Sarah Hye-yeon Lee (with Yue Ji and Anna Papafragou) gave two talks, "Linguistic and non-linguistic factors support entity construal and word learning" and "Conceptual underpinnings of linguistic atomicity". Sarah Hye-yeon Lee (in joint work with Alessandra Pintado-Urbanc, Anna Papafragou, and Ercenur Ünal) also gave a talk on "Segmenting events in language and cognition". Tyler Knowlton (joint work with John Trueswell and Anna Papafragou) had a talk titled "Non-conservative quantifiers are unlearnable". Ugurcan Vurgun, in joint work with Yue Ji and Anna Papafragou, presented the poster "Aspectual framing of events shifts online event apprehension”.