Penn Linguistics heavily represented at this year’s LSA Summer Institute.

Penn Linguistics will be represented by a remarkably large contingent of instructors at the upcoming LSA Summer Institutewhich will take place at the University of Massachusetts Amherst from June 19 to July 14. The following members of our department will be teaching a course: 


  • Jianjing Kuang (“Introduction to Phonetics”)  
  • Mark Liberman (“Introduction to Speech Processing: DSP for Everyone!”)
  • Florian Schwarz (“Experimenting with meaning - A hands on introduction to using PCIbex”)
  • Florian Schwarz ("Definiteness Systems within and across Languages”; with Dorothy Ahn)
  • Meredith Tamminga (“Sociolinguistic Variation in Word Recognition”)
  • Andrea Beltrama and Lacey Wade (“Language, social stereotypes and cognition”)


In addition, a variety of other courses will be taught by Penn alumni, including: Faruk Akkus (“Introduction to Morphology”); Kyle Gorman (“Defectivity”); Rajesh Bhatt (“Advanced Syntax”); Naomi Nagy (“How Universal is Variation?”); Dorothy Ahn ("Definiteness Systems within and across Languages”; with Florian Schwarz).


You can check out the complete list of courses at LSA institute at the following link!