Penn @ CUNY 2014

Florian Schwarz is (co-)presenting 3 posters at the 27th Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing which will hosted by the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, March 13-15, 2014.

The titles of the posters are:

  • Soft and hard presupposition triggers are fast in online processing
    Florian Schwarz 
  • Indirect scalar implicatures are neither scalar implicatures nor presuppositions (or both)
    Cory Bill, Jacopo Romoli, Florian Schwarz and Stephen Crain

  • Pragmatic narrowing in reference resolution: Domain restriction & perspective taking 
    Florian Schwarz and Dan Grodner

In addition, various Penn alumni are presenting at the conference, including an invited talk by Gregory Ward (PhD, 1985), and posters involving Elsi Kaiser (PhD, 2003), Alexander Williams (PhD, 2005, and Annette D'Onofrio (B.A., 2010).

  • Demonstrative equatives and the conveyance of speaker (un)certainty
    Gregory Ward
  • The contribution of form and meaning to the processing of careful and casual speech.
    Kevin McGowan, Meghan Sumner, Annette D'Onofrio and Teresa Pratt
  • Differences in the prosodic encoding of information structure in closely-related languages 
    Arunima Choudhury and Elsi Kaiser
  • Non-adjacent lexical dependencies in an artificial language prime relative clause attachment biases
    Hao Wang, Mythili Menon and Elsi Kaiser
  • Prosodic encoding of information structure depends on frequency and probability
    Iris Chuoying Ouyang and Elsi Kaiser
  • Beyond syntax: Effects of verb semantics and perspective taking on Chinese reflexives
    Xiao He and Elsi Kaiser
  • Implicit agents in short passives and remote control of reason clauses
    Michael McCourt, Aleksandra Fazlipour, Ellen Lau and Alexander Williams
  • When phonological systems clash: L1 phonotactics vs. L2 assimilation
    David Li and Elsi Kaiser