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The 41st Annual Meeting of North East Linguistic Society
at The University of Pennsylvania
October 22nd - 24th, 2010

Plenary Speakers

Noam Chomsky (MIT)
William Labov (Penn)


Keynote Addresses

Friday 2pm: Noam Chomsky
Harrison Auditorium, Penn Museum of Anthropology

Saturday 5:30pm: William Labov
Rainey Auditorium, Penn Museum of Anthropology

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Saturday evening: Banquet dinner
at the Penn Museum of Anthropology, the Chinese Rotunda, with an open bar

*General registration (for students and non-students) includes the banquet. The banquet ticket purchase is for people who would like to bring guests: people who do not wish to do so can skip that step.


Special Session:
The Unity of Linguistic Methods

Invited Speakers:
Gillian Sankoff (UPenn),
Jon Sprouse (UC Irvine),
Edward Stabler (UCLA)

Commentary: Aravind Joshi, Anthony Kroch, John Trueswell (UPenn)



Sponsored by

Department of Linguistics
The Institute for Research in Cognitive Science
The School of Arts and Sciences
The University of Pennsylvania Research Foundation