Linguistics Library

3401-C Walnut St, C-Wing, Third Floor, Room 301-C
Department of Linguistics
University of Pennsylvania
Contact: Amy Forsyth  <>

The Penn Linguistics Department Library has a collection of books, dissertations, periodicals and photocopied papers available for use by Penn linguists. Any of these materials can be checked out except for the manuscripts in the bottom-left file cabinet drawer, which should not be removed from Williams.

Checking out library materials. If you'd like to take something home, please take a card from the box on the rightmost shelf and fill out the author, title, your name and email address, and the date. (There may already be a card inside the front cover.) This way, if someone needs the item before you return it, they can contact you. To return an item, put the card inside the front cover and reshelve it.

Finding library materials

Books and dissertations contains a list of all the books and dissertations currently available in the Linguistics Department library, sorted by author. To search for a certain author or title, just use the search function in your browser (most likely Ctrl-F or Command-F). The last column gives a broad classification by subfield, which is reflected on the bookshelves.

Journals, working papers and proceedings contains a list of periodicals available in the library. Periodicals are shelved on the south wall of the library, with recent volumes in alphabetical order by title and older volumes in boxes underneath. Any of them can be checked out and taken home. Click here to view the TOCs of our most recent acquisitions (these volumes are available for browsing on the new bookshelf next to the couch).

Articles: The two file cabinets contain photocopied papers alphabetized by author. They are not catalogued. You may take any papers you want; there is no need to check them out or return them. However, note that the bottom-left drawer contains archive materials that are not to be removed from Williams.