Order Form for the Penn Historical Corpora

1. The cost of a new license to use the three Penn Parsed Corpora of Historical English, including the new augmented second edition of the Modern British English corpus, depends on the status of the licensee:
  • For an individual, the price is $700.
  • For an academic department or research group, the price is $1050.
  • For a library license, the price is $1450. This license includes a one year subscription to the PPCHE corpus web server, which allows library patrons to search the corpora with a web interface. Subscription renewals in subsequent years are priced at $350/year. Please contact Beatrice Santorini (beatriceDOTsantoriniATgmailDOTcom) for details on setting up access to the web server.
  • Interested commercial users should contact Beatrice Santorini for terms and pricing.
Please note the $50 handling and shipping fee, which is in addition to the base price of the corpora.
License level Base
Handling Total
          Individual license $700 $50 $750
          Departmental/research group license $1050 $50 $1100
          Library license $1450 $50 $1500
2. Current holders of earlier or more limited licenses for the corpora may upgrade their licenses at the rates below. An upgrade to the current edition may be combined with an upgrade to a higher level of license by purchasing both types.
Upgrade type Base
Handling Total
          Any license upgrade from older edition to current edition at the same level $150 $50 $200
          License upgrade from individual to departmental/research group level $225 $50 $275
          Upgrade from departmental to library license level $325 $50 $375
3. Please let us know how you found out about the availability of our corpora:
                          From a colleague at your institution or elsewhere.
                          From an advertisement on the web.
                          From a web search.
4. Purchaser's name and shipping address:
First and Last Name                                                                                                             
Shipping Address                                                                                                             

Methods of payment

Payment for our corpora may be made by check or by wire transfer to Beatrice Santorini, who should be contacted by email for details at: beatriceDOTsantoriniATgmailDOTcom. Payment by credit card or via a Paypal account is also available, via the PPCHE online store. Please notify us if you make a purchase through the online store and attach an order form to your email.

Whatever method of payment is chosen, please scan this order form, along with the signed Corpus License Agreement, and then email them to Beatrice Santorini's address as given above. Alternatively, send the physical forms to following postal address:

Beatrice Santorini
Department of Linguistics
Suite 300, C Wing
3401-C Walnut Street
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6228
Please note that the corpus CD can only be shipped once both an order form and a signed copy of the license agreement have been received.

Last update: 30 Sep 2019