Pre-Approved Graduate Courses

Students do not require special permission to take any course offered through the Department of Linguistics, subject to the University requirement that only courses numbered 400 and higher can be counted toward a graduate degree. Naturally, the advisor should always play a role in the selection of the curriculum.

Courses offered by other departments must be approved by the graduate chair, generally in consultation with the student's advisor. The following courses are pre-approved as having relevant content and do not require individual permission from the graduate chair; but since they are outside the department and can be demanding, it is especially important to discuss the best choice with the advisor.

  • ANTH 603 - Language in Culture and Society
  • CIS 519 - Introduction to Machine Learning
  • CIS 520 - Machine Learning
  • CIS 521 - Artificial Intelligence
  • CIS 530 - Computational Linguistics
  • CIS 625 - Theoretical Machine Learning
  • CIS 630 - Natural Language Processing
  • COGS 501 - Mathematical Foundations for the Study of Language and Communication I
  • COGS 502 - Mathematical Foundations for the Study of Language and Communication II
  • PHIL 505 - Formal Logic I
  • PHIL 506 - Formal Logic II
  • PHIL 540 - Topics in the Philosophy of Language
  • PSYC 600 - Proseminar in Psycholinguistics
  • PSYC 604 - Cognitive Neuroscience
  • STAT 500 - Applied Regression and Analysis of Variance
  • STAT 501 - Introduction to Nonparametric Methods and Log-linear Models

Courses that are cross-listed between Linguistics and another department should normally be taken under the Linguistics rubric.