Anna Papafragou and Florian Schwarz are excited to host the 2nd Experiments in Linguistic Meaning (ELM 2) at Penn from May 18-20 in hybrid format. Please see details below, and if you want further updates on this event, sign up for the ELM mailing list here.

(Online-only registration is forthcoming.)

Other information of interest on the conference on the website; specifically note:

Also see further information below; more specific scheduling details and further updates coming soon.



·         We understand that for some people, travel logistics and interest in spending more time with others prompt the desire to gather in person for the virtual day (5/18) at Penn as well to attend streamed sessions together. While we’re not currently planning to make this a full-fledged general event, we will aim to accommodate this as best we can, so please let us know by email if you’re interested.

·         In considering in person attendance, you may want to know more about Covid-related guidelines. Things of course can change, but here are current (and regularly updated) resources on relevant Penn policies: 

o     https://coronavirus.upenn.edu/content/public-health-guidance (see under Special Events and Gatherings and Visitors in particular); 

o    also see information for visitors: https://coronavirus.upenn.edu/content/visitors