Spring Break will be only two consecutive days-- on Wednesday, March 10 and Thursday, March 11--in order to discourage travel during the pandemic. 

The Provost and President have preserved five weekdays off in the spring semester by spreading an additional three “engagement days” across the term. In addition to the two days of Spring Break,  there will be three days—Friday, February 12; Tuesday, March 30; and Monday, April 12—that will have neither course assessments nor classes. This information has been included in the 3-year academic calendar: https://almanac.upenn.edu/penn-academic-calendar

During these three days, there will be voluntary opportunities for students to participate in self-directed activities that advance our community, both to engage with Philadelphia for our Year of Civic Engagement and to explore opportunities and faculty expertise at Penn, including asynchronous preceptorials and other events with campus organizations. But students may also opt to spend these days resting and recharging.