The first Experiments in Linguistic Meaning (ELM) conference will be hosted virtually by the University of Pennsylvania, September 16-18, 2020. The conference is dedicated to the experimental study of linguistic meaning broadly construed, with a focus on theoretical issues in semantics and pragmatics, their interplay with other components of the grammar, their relation to language processing and acquisition, as well as their connections to human cognition and computation. ELM aims to include representation of linguistic, psychological, logical, philosophical, social, developmental, computational, as well as cross-linguistic and cross-cultural perspectives. The ELM schedule can be found here:


Registration is free but required.  Please register here as soon as possible:


ELM offers pop-up mentoring opportunities to all presenters and attendees in collaboration with the Linguistic Society of America’s COSWL Committee. The deadline for registration is September 8, 2020:


Finally, we are pleased to announce that Proceedings from ELM will be available from the Linguistic Society of America as an open-access publication:


ELM was conceived as a biennial meeting to foster the interdisciplinary study of meaning, and to create a community of scholars that might not otherwise meet and interact with each other with regularity. We hope that this year’s virtual ELM will provide an interactive, community-building experience. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Best regards,

Florian Schwarz and Anna Papafragou

ELM Co-Organizers