ASL Workshop: "Building Connections with ASL Corpora"

Mar 6, 2020 at - | Location: T.B.D.

Jami Fisher, Julie Hochgesang (Gallaudet) and Meredith Tamminga are delighted to be hosting an ILST-funded workshop called "Building Connections with ASL Corpora" at Penn on *Friday, March 6th*. The workshop will include a morning session of talks from our invited sign language linguists and ourselves, aimed at the Penn language science community. We hope many of you will join us for these talks and for a pizza lunch afterwards!

Here are some preliminary details:

Talk session: 10 am-12 pm (including brief coffee break)
Pizza lunch: 12-12:30 pm

*Featuring talks by:*

 * Joseph Hill
   Department of ASL & Interpreting Education, National
   Technical Institute for the Deaf, RIT and Corinne
   Center on Cognition and Language, National Technical
   Institute for the Deaf, RIT
 * Julie Hochgesang <http://www.juliehochgesang.com/>,
   Department of Linguistics, Gallaudet University
 * Emily Shaw <https://my.gallaudet.edu/emily-shaw>,
   Department of Interpretation & Translation, Gallaudet
 * Jami Fisher
   Department of Linguistics/Program in ASL & Deaf Studies,
   Penn and Meredith Tamminga
   <http://www.meredithtamminga.com>, Department of
   Linguistics, Penn

We will follow up soon with a location and talk titles.