Kathryn Schuler discussion: "Behind The CV"

Jan 23, 2020 at - | The Fireside Lounge -- 2nd Floor, ARCH Bldg; 3601 Locust Walk.

"Behind the CV: Stories from Faculty" 

Do professors struggle with imposter syndrome? Did they face the same challenges as students today?

Join us for an informal conversation about what it's really like to become a scientist with: Kathryn Schuler, PhD <http://www.kathrynschuler.com/>, Assistant Professor, Linguistics Department Principal Investigator, Child Language Lab <http://www.kathrynschuler.com/childlanglab/> University of Pennsylvania.

January 23rd, 4-5pm  The Fireside Lounge, 2nd Floor, ARCH Bldg, 3601 Locust Walk

To learn more about "Behind the CV" & for videos of past speakers, visit our website here: