When: June 21 & 22 (All Day); June 23 (Morning)


All speakers at ECIEC are invited. 

Members of the Penn community are welcome to attend. 

ECIEC XXXVIII is supported by: 

           a grant from the University Research Foundation; 

           a School of Arts and Sciences Conference Support Grant; 

           research funds from Don Ringe’s Kahn Term Chair (2004-14). 



Schedule of Papers:  ECIEC XXXVIII 




I (chair: Don Ringe)

     9:00    Kazuhiko Yoshida: The Hittite 3pl. Preterites in -ar

     9:30    Elisabeth Rieken: Luwian Seed and Indo-European Man

     10:00  H. Craig Melchert: Hittite tarru- ‘firm, secure’ and its PIE Source




II (chair: Ronald Kim)

     11:00    Sara Kimball: Lycian χi-

     11:30    David Goldstein: The Synchrony and Diachrony of Homeric -φι(ν)




III (chair: Sara Kimball)

     1:30    Jeremy Rau: Convergence Among the Ancient Greek Dialects

     2:00    Laura Grestenberger: The ín-Group

     2:30    Dieter Gunkel: The First Person Singular Athematic Middle Optative in Vedic




IV (chair: Dariusz Piwowarczyk)

     3:30    Jared Klein: The Old Church Slavic Background of Russian a


     4:00   Jay H. Jasanoff: Toch. lä-n-t- ‘go out’

     4:30    Ronald Kim: Presigmatic and Other h2e-Aorists in Tocharian




V (chair: Olav Hackstein)

     9:00    Dariusz Piwowarczyk: The Latin Reflexes of devī́ and vr̥ kī́ḥ Revisited

     9:30    Joseph F. Eska: Remarks on the Architecture of the Left Periphery in the Middle Brittonic Languages

     10:00  Jean-François Mondon: 2 Cases of Locality Violations in Breton: How and Why




VI (chair: Joseph F. Eska)

     11:00  Don Ringe (& Charles Yang): Irregularization of Verbs in Early Modern English


     11:30  Jordan Kodner: Productivity Learning Driving Analogical Change in Proto-Germanic




VII (chair: Michael Weiss)


     1:30   Olav Hackstein (& Ryan P. Sandell): The Rise of Colligations: Engl. can’t stand

                    German nicht ausstehen können, and Congeners


     2:00   Martin Joachim Kümmel: Warrior Slang in Etymology? Verbs for ‘to hit’ from Roots

                    Meaning ‘to give, distribute’


     2:30   Sasha Nikolaev: Vedic rūrá- ‘deliriously hot’, Ossetic arawyn ‘to scorch in fire’, Greek ἀλέᾱ ‘heat’ and some

                   other forms [40 min.]




VIII (chair:  Jean-François Mondon)


     3:40   Thomas Olander: PIE *b in a Cladistic Perspective


     4:10   Michael Weiss: A Theory of Eve-rye-thing


     4:40   Tony Yates: Hittite paḫḫweni, Greek purí, and their Implications for Indo-European Ablaut




IX (chair: Rolf Noyer)


     9:00    Hannes Fellner: Polar Life in the Tarim Basin

     9:30    Birgit Anette Olsen: Father Sky and the Wide-Eyed Cow

     10:00  Mark Hale: Some Further Observations on iva- and ná-Clauses in Vedic




X (chair: Jordan Kodner)

     11:00  Rolf Noyer: On THT: Reflexes of *h1 in non-initial obstruent clusters


     11:30  Tim Barnes: The Etymology of Hittite wašta- ‘sin, err’ and related




ECIEC XXXVIII is supported by a University Research Foundation grant, an SAS Conference Support grant, and research funds from Don Ringe’s Kahn Term Chair (2004–14)