Throughout this course, you should be working on a project of your own. You'll develop this project through a series of stages, resulting in a final project report that you should be able to submit (perhaps in an appropriately modified format) as a conference or journal paper. (Due dates for the four stages will appear here soon...)

The process includes a series of Project Notes -- you'll submit an updated set of notes each week during the course of the course.

1. The first set of notes, due 2/18, should start with brief descriptions of

It's fine to use this opportunity to continue work that you're already engaged in, but you should try to find a new (to you) aspect or extension. A completely new (to you) topic is also fine.

And it's OK if the questions, data, and methods evolve or even change completely over the course of the semester. In fact this is expected.

Each item in the "annotated bibliography" should include

2. The second set of notes, due _____, should extend the annotated bibliography with a section on data sources. Such sources might include

If you need to collect new data from human subjects, then specify in as much detail as possible

3. The third set of notes, due ______, should present some preliminary analyses to illustrate the methods and hoped-for results of the planned project.