LING-102: Final Field Project Report

Submission: Due at noon on Sunday, August 5. Please email me your report in either Word or PDF, and attach your spreadsheet(s) as well in case I need to check something. Also please bring me a hardcopy of your report to class on Monday 8/6. If you submit a co-authored report (again, joint work is encouraged), I just need one copy with both of your names on it.

Approximate length: 3-5 pages of text (assuming single-spacing) - but I'm much more interested in quality than quantity. As long as you're reasonably thorough there's no need to worry about length.

General guidelines: This report is your chance to apply and demonstrate what you have learned about studying linguistic variation, focusing on Philadelphia short-a in particular. Refer to the preliminary report instructions for guidelines on data clean-up and reporting your results. A few additional recommendations for this version: Evaluation: I will grade your reports based on: Back to course homepage

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