Research Landscape - Schedule - Fall 2014

The Tuesday sessions will meet over dinner in McClelland Hall (South Lounge), 6:00-7:30 pm. The Thursday sessions will meet 1:30-3:00 in McClelland 121 (the seminar room behind the TV in the central seating area).

(Note that the schedule of guests is subject to change.)

Information about course assignments is here.

Week Dates Guests Topics Readings
0 Th 8/28   Introduction Research at Penn 2014
Center for Undergraduate Research & Fellowships
1 Tu 9/2
Th 9/4
[Steven J. Fluharty]
Ann Vernon-Gray
Research at Penn
2 Tu 9/9
Th 9/11
Kathleen Hall Jamieson
Communications research National Annenberg Election Survey
Dan Kahan,
"Climate Science Communication and the Measurement Problem",
Advances Pol Psych. (forthcoming)
3 Tu 9/16
Th 9/18
Andy Schwartz &
Lyle Ungar
The World Well-being Project M.L. Kern et al., "The Online Social Self: An Open Vocabulary Approach to Personality"
H.A. Schwartz et al., "Personality, Gender, and Age in the Language of Social Media: The Open-Vocabulary Approach"
4 Tu 9/23
Th 9/25
Cynthia Otto
Working dogs Kimberly Slensky et al., "Deployment morbidity among search-and-rescue dogs used after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks"
Cynthia Otto et al., "Medical Surveillance of Search Dogs Deployed to the World Trade Center and Pentagon: 2001–2006"
"Can dogs be trained to detect the smell of cancer?", PBS Newshour
"The accuracy of yes/no classification"
5 Tu 9/30
Th 10/2
Cam Grey &
Lauren Ristvet
City, Country, and Empire: Archaeologies of Landscape Matthew Fitzjohn, "Viewing places: GIS applications for examining the perception of space in the mountains of Sicily"
Kathleen Morrison, "Coercion, resistance, and hierarchy: local processes and imperial strategies in the Vijayanagara empire"
6 Tu 10/7
Th 10/9
Mary Summers
Politics of Food Alyssa Dickinson et al., "Reducing Food Waste at the University of Pennsylvania"
Mary Summers, "Voting with more than your fork"
Judith Porter et al., "Service-Learning with a Food Stamp Enrollment Campaign"
Margaret Buff, "Impact of the SNAP application Process on Access for Eligible Individuals"
7 Tu 10/14
Th 10/16
Sandy Schwartz
Health economics Judy Shea et al., "Development of a Revised Health Care System Distrust Scale".
Meena Sheshamani et al., "The Effect of Cuts in Medicare Reimbursement on Hospital Mortality"
8 Tu 10/21
Th 10/23

Kieran Snyder

Women in technology

"Jenga one week at a time" (Kieran Snyder's tumblr)
"How to Get Ahead as a Woman in Tech: Interrupt Men", Slate 7/23/2014
"Boys Learn to Interrupt. Girls Learn to Shut Up", Slate 8/14/2014
"The abrasiveness trap: High-achieving men and women are described differently in reviews", Fortune 8/26/2014
"Hiring startup engineers? Talk about challenge, not pay", VentureBeat 9/12/2014
"Why women leave tech: It's the culture, not because 'math is hard'", Fortune 10/2/2014
"Microsoft and Amazon vets form Textio, a new startup looking to discover patterns in documents", 10/4/2014
"Why Windows UX leader Jensen Harris is leaving Microsoft to co-found the startup Textio", GeekWire 10/6/2014

9 Tu 10/28
Shawndra Hill
Social TV "Talkographics: Using What Viewers Say Online to Calculate Audience Affinity Networks for Social TV-Based Recommendations"; "Expert Stock Picker: The Wisdom of (Experts in) Crowds";
"Natural Supplements for H1N1 Influenza: Retrospective Observational Infodemiology Study of Information and Search Activity on the Internet"
10 Tu 11/4
Th 11/6

Al Filreis

Poetry by Ear and by Eye
"About PennSound"
"Modernist Pedagogy at the End of the Lecture: IT and the Poetics Classroom"
"Introducing PennSound at High Performance Sound Technologies for Access and Scholarship (HiPSTAS)"
11 Tu 11/11
Th 11/13
Russ Epstein
Cognitive Neuroscience of Navigaion  
12 Tu 11/18
Th 11/20
Dan Koditschek
Robot Parkour  
13 Tu 12/2
Th 12/4
Sarah Tishkoff
Genetic history "The Genetic Structure and History of Africans and African Americans"
"Evolutionary History and Adaptation from High-Coverage Whole-Genome Sequences of Diverse African Hunter-Gatherers"
"Genetic Origins of Lactase Persistence and the Spread of Pastoralism in Africa"
14 Tu 12/9 Cristina Bicchieri