Research Landscape - Personal Profile

(Due Thursday 9/4/2014)

There are two reasons for asking you these questions. First, in choosing assignments we don't want to bore you or mystify you, so we need to know what you already know. And second, this seminar aims to develop a personal plan for the research dimension of your time at Penn. Your plan will depend on what your goals are, and what you need to learn, beyond what you already know, in order to reach them.

Please write your response as a Google Docs file, and then share it with and Please name the file YourLastName_Profile. If you have any trouble setting up a Google Docs account, using the word processing program, or sharing the resulting file, let us know (via the Piazza page).

Please describe briefly what you know (and don't know)

About mathematics and statistics:

About natural sciences:

About social sciences:

About humanities:

About computer programming:

More generally, tell us about your background, interests, and plans: