Landscape of Research and Innovation at Penn
Personal Plan -- Stage 2
Due 11/15/2014

This is the second step towards your plan for getting involved in research and innovation at Penn.

What interests you?

Revisit and refine your topic of interest. At this point you should be able to narrow down your focus from a general area of interest to a more specific topic within a larger field of research and/or innovation. Feel free to be as specific as you can at this point. (minimum 2 paragraphs)

What have you done so far?

Describe the work you have done so far. For example, each of you have looked into different people/labs/centers/etc. at Penn and gathered some information about their research as it connects to your interests.  Many of you have identified specific people and have contacted those people with particular questions and more. (minimum 2 paragraphs)

Next steps and end goal for the semester.

Outline the next steps necessary and the proposed end goal for the semester. This could include preliminary research or volunteer work in a lab, it could be reaching out to a researcher with a proposal for your involvement, it could be an investigation of what the steps are in getting an app from idea to development, and so on. As part of the next steps you should have a timeline which specifies when which step should happen. (minimum 2 paragraphs; this could be as a list of detailed bullet points)

After 11/15 each of you should set up an appointment with Utsav to discuss your plan.

(Email or call Dylan Hewitt / 215-898-9531 to set up an appointment with Utsav)