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Participation project
Due 11/11/2014

If all of you agree, we are hoping to aim towards publishing the results of the participation study in a (undergraduate) research journal. Of course such a project will take a little bit of work and the first step is covered in this assignment.

Write up the results

Each of you needs to investigate the participation data in the google doc and write them up independently. To do so, you will need to think about what parts your write-up will require (1). You have each read a number of studies you can draw from for ideas and the library (not to mention the internet) has many millions more of course.

Second, you will need to decide what results you are going to show and how you are going to show them. Furthermore, you will need to explain the conclusions you draw from those results. You are completely free to decide how you will show whatever patterns you discover (graph, table, etc.). Keep in mind that your entire write-up (double spaced) should be somewhere between 2 and 5 pages (including the figures).

Some examples of how to explore the data in R can be found in