Humanities 100

Course Structure

There will be two 90-minute lectures a week, for a total of 26 lectures. The on-line syllabus specifies the background readings for each lecture, and we will try provide an on-line abstract (available on line by the time of each lecture). However, some of the course content will be provided only in the lectures.

You can get the course readings from three places:

This distinction implies nothing about relative importance: thus the texts that you buy at the bookstore are not more (or less) important than the selections that you find in the course pack, and these in turn are not any more (or less) important than readings provided as web links.

This course has no recitation or section meetings.

Course Requirements

Grades will be based on three things:

An "oral exam" means a face-to-face, verbal question-and-answer session. We have not decided on the exact format yet -- it depends in part on the number of students registered in the course. Our current idea is for each session to cover about an hour, and to include about five students at once.