COGS 501, Fall 2011 Schedule

[Note: some of these topics (and many of these links) will change, reflecting updates, improvements, and adaptation to the interests of this year's students.]

1. 9/12++ Overview & organization

Mathematical background
Basic: Eero Simoncelli, "Geometric Review of Linear Algebra"
Michael Jordan, "An Introduction to Linear Algebra..."
Intermediate: Connected Curriculum Project linear algebra materials
Advanced: Desmond Fearnley-Sander "Hermann Grassman and the Creation of Linear Algebra"
Stephen Gull et al. "Imaginary Numbers are not Real"
(Note that these describe types of linear algebra significantly different from those that will be used in this course. They are offered as enrichment for any students to whom standard linear algebra is old news.)
Placement test, to be completed in class.

If you miss the first class, please fill this out and return to Laurel Sweeney at IRCS.

Instructions: there are 20 questions whose answers should be obvious if you know and remember the material, and impossible otherwise. Don't spend more than 10 minutes on it. If you don't know the answer to a question, leave it blank rather than guessing.
We don't expect you to know all this materials, or even a majority of it. The point is to give us a sense of who needs (or doesn't need) help with what.


2a   Lab session Ed Neuman's Matlab tutorials #1, #2, #3

Problem set #1
Note on r2 -- how to calculate it and what it means
Hamming's Rule

2b   Lecture: Linear algebra review  
3a   Lecture: Variance and covariance
Classifying multivariate data
3b   Lab session   Problem set #2
HW2 hints (.m file to start you off)
The same hints for Octave rather than Matlab
(explanation of the differences)
Solution (matlab version)
4a   Lecture: Introduction to Subspace Methods  
4b   Lab Session   Problem set #3
5a   Lecture: Linear shift-invariant systems

Impulse Response and Convolution

(Deconvolving the hemodynamic response...)

5b   Lab session   Problem set #4
6a   Lecture: The discrete fourier transform

Towards the Discrete Fourier Transform
Properties of the DFT/FFT

6b   Lab session   Problem set #5
7a   Lecture FIR & IIR Filters
Poles, zeros and the z-transform
        Problem set #6
8   Reading James Hillenbrand, Laura A. Getty, Michael J. Clark, and Kimberlee Wheeler, "Acoustic Characteristics of American English Vowels", JASA 1995  
        Problem set #7
      Original data from Hillenbrand et al. 1995
[Discussion and code]

Simple models of speech community dynamics

Hariharan Narayanan and Partha Niyogi, "Language Evolution, Coalescent Processes, and the Consensus Problem on a Social Network"

Adding phonetics to speech community dynamics