Research topics in clinical linguistics

Spring term 2018

Instructor: Mark Liberman

Lecture/Discussion: R 1:30-3:30
(Note that the first meeting will be 1/18/2018)

Location: Linguistics Department Conference Room - 3401 Suite 300C
Discussion via Piazza


Consult the schedule, which also has links to lecture notes and readings.

Texts and readings:

Extensive on-line lecture notes will be provided (linked to the syllabus).

Course Concept:

This seminar will survey research on the analysis of linguistic correlates of clinical categories such as ASD, mood disorders, Azheimer's, FTD, and Parkinsonism, as well as attitude, mood, arousal and engagement in neurotypicals. The emphasis will be on current and future research opportunities for algorithmic analysis of clinical interviews and other audio and video recordings, focusing especially on current research at Penn. Despite the title, we will look not only at phonetics, but also at dimensions such as word frequency, concreteness, semantic categories and relations, syntactic structure, and communicative interaction, as well as the connections among them.

Participants will produce several literature reviews in the form of class presentations, and a final project typically based on the analysis of available datasets.