Field Project 1 Data Entry Instructions

Note-this is not a real form and cannot be submitted, so do not enter your data here. These are only instructions. If you are looking for the page to submit your data, follow the link from L102 Home

Please fill in the corresponding web pages separately for each person you observed. The following form is set up just like the data sheets, so merely copy the information over to the web page.
The following is the data for part 1 of the data, where you observed 'planet' and 'Alice'.
Interviewer Name: Your name
Location: e.g. West Philly, Center City, Spring Garden, etc.
Ethnicity: The labels you'll find here represent the folk terms for various groups most often used in the Philadelphia area by people when they are asked to self-identify, a question that makes some people squirm. If you've interviewed someone you know self-identifies as, e.g., "Italian" (="Italian-American"), you can enter that; otherwise you'd probably put "Caucasian". Many people whose families immigrated from Southeast or East Asian countries will refer to themselves as "Asian", but people whose families came from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, or Sri Lanka will self-identify as "South Asian", which is the reason for those labels. If you have no "best guess" on ethnicity, put "other". But give it your best shot, because it is clear that as far as short-a pronunciation is concerned, there are differences that relate to the different social experiences of members of different ethnic groups, and we want to be in a position to do the best analysis we can of our class results.
Approximate Age:Again, your best guess is needed here. Try to come within 5 years if possible.
Local Status:It is status as a Philadelphian that is most important here, so give it your best guess among the alternatives listed
Occupation:If you had some idea, write it down here.
Planet (Lax):The number of instances of 'Planet' that you heard which were lax
Planet (Tense):The number of instances of 'Planet' that you heard which were tense
Alice (Lax):The number of instances of 'Alice' that you heard which were lax
Alice (Tense):The number of instances of 'Alice' that you heard which were tense
Comments:Any additional comments to clarify your responses.

The following is the data entry form for part 2 of the project, where you had someone read a word list to you. The initial blanks are similar to those above, but since you were asked to have a native Philadelphian read the word list, there is nothing to fill out regarding "local status". The words sing and thing were included by accident. They have been left in the list so that you won't get out of phase in entering your data, but please notice that T and L do not apply to them - they are listed with an X as a place-holder.
Interviewer Name:
Approximate Age:
For the following words, T indicates Tense and L indicates Lax. Choose one for each word in the list.
cat batch
mat bat
sat cap
cab sad
badge bad
bad mad
black glad
laugh bag
math staff
ask bath
hash cash
ant man
ham aunt
Janet camera
began planet
sing thing
pal sang
alley Hal
personality Alice
At the bottom of each form is a button to submit data. When all of your data is in, click the button and the data will be entered into the database. If you forget certain fields, a page will remind you of what you missed.
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