Linguistics 102: Field Data downloading


In windows, open netscape or IE and go to the field data that you would like to download through the link on the page you entered your data for that part on. You need to save this web page with all the data to a file on your computer. In netscape for example, just go to save as.. under the file menu, and save it to disk. It is critical that you save the source of the page (with all the html formatting) since excel uses this information to format its table. So if you are provided with a choice between saving as text and source, choose source. Once on disk, open with Excel and it should open it correctly without needing any information from you.


On the mac, you again should save the web page to disk, and you will almost certainly be provided with a choice between saving as source and text. Choose source, since this preserves the necessary html formatting excel needs to open the file. Open the file with excel, and Excel should recognize that it is html data and open it correctly.
If for some reason, the file does not open correctly in excel (data is all over the place and not in straight columns for example) please mail me so i can play around with it and update these instructions. As a last resort, you may attempt to view the source of the page and save that to disk as a text file. Also mail me any questions you have about the procedure.