Linguistics 202/502 Project

Spring 1998

[Your Name]

General instructions

Create this page gradually, adding material as you find it, and using what you have done to identify the things you need to do next. Make it to others, but use it to communicate with yourself as well, so as to clarify your goals and the means you will employ to reach them.

In the beginning, the page will be a plan; in the end, it will be the primary form for the report of your project.


This section should contain a general description of the phenomenon or phenomena to be studied, with examples. References to descriptions in the literature should also be provided, where available.

Be specific but not too specific. This section is not about the design of your project in detail -- that is part of the "how" section. Nor is it about a general topic area that interests you -- that is part of the "why" section.  Instead, it describes the general characteristics of the Somali phenomena you are going to study.


This section should contain a detailed plan for your project. What will you do, or have you done?

If there are unresolved problems or questions that will have to be addressed as the project goes forward, they should be identified.


This section should explain why your project is worth doing. What general conclusions can be drawn about topics of interest to some community of scholars?