Linguistics 520: Lab Assignment #4

9/18/2013: Due 9/25/2013


1. Let the whole class catch up with the digit-duration lab data, and make everyone's data available.
2. Learn a little about using R to explore and model phonetic data.
2. Learn more about timing effects.

Because of the Praat script problems, we're going to pause to let everyone catch up. You should be able to eliminate your problems (if any) with duration labels that are not digits 0-9 by downloading a new copy of DurationLogger.praat and running it. Remember to change the 

sentence Directory /Users/myl/data/ling520/fnumbers/

line as you did before.

[You may still have problems if you mis-read or mis-labelled some of the sequences -- see myl or eric if it's not obvious to you how to deal with any remaining difficulties.]

Suppose that instead of reading digit sequence in the pattern 752-955-0354, we read them in the pattern 752-95-503-54:

It won't surprise you to learn that this changes the pattern of average digit durations:

Here are a few more plots that we'll discuss in the lab session -- more detailed comments to follow: