Linguistics 001 -- Fall 2009 -- Midterm Study Guide Answer Key

1. f

2. Draw lines so as to connect:

Ferdinand de Saussure                             the distinction among syntax, semantics and pragmatics
Melville Bell   phonetic transcription
Ludwig Wittgenstein   language games
Noam Chomsky   formal language theory
Panini   the grammar of Sanskrit

3. a

4. (The primary function of the velum in speech production is) to control nasality: by opening, to couple the nasal cavities into the vocal tract; by closing, to decouple them.

5. a shibboleth

6. c

7. (Note that it's OK to use [r] for the typical American r that technically should be [ɹ] in IPA, and so on, as in the homeworks).




8. Here's one example:

record = [ˈrɛ.kərd] vs. red cord = [ˈrɛdˈkɔrd].
If you don't know the word record, you might think that "putting the record straight" is a metaphorical straightening of some kind of cord.

9. Draw trees to indicate these constituent structures:

((State Department) (Federal (Credit Union)))

(Under Secretary) (for ((Public Diplomacy) and (Public Affairs)))


Attendees at the In-Stat Fall Processor Forum here Tuesday got a preview of the custom-designed processor that will power Microsoft Corp.'s next-generation Xbox 360 game console.

The CPU comprises three 64-bit PowerPC cores, each running at 3.2GHz, "the highest core speed" ever achieved by this technology, according to Jeff Brown, IBM's chief engineer for the Microsoft CPU Project. Able to support two simultaneous threads, the processor was designed with the key goal of being able to support the high sustained bandwidth required by the game console. Brown said the processor should be able to hit a peak bandwidth of 21.6G bps.

The federal grand jury investigating the leak of a CIA operative's identity could hand up charges as early as today.
The grand jury is meeting this morning and is scheduled to expire on Friday, but special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald could extend it.

On Tuesday, FBI agents interviewed a Washington neighbor of Valerie Plame for a second time.

The agents asked Marc Lefkowitz on Monday night whether he knew about Plame's CIA work before her identity was leaked in the media, and Lefkowitz told agents he did not, according to his wife, Elise Lefkowitz.

You might also include "custom-designed" in the first sentence.