Functional diagram of the larynx

There are a few non-standard labels in this diagram, relative to the speech literature at least:

  1. what is labelled the arytenoid muscle is generally called the inter-arytenoid muscle
  2. what is labelled the crico-arytenoid muscle is generally called the posterior crico-arytenoid (PCA) muscle, to distinguish it from the lateral crico-arytenoid (LCA) muscle
  3. what is labelled the vocal muscle is generally called the vocalis muscle, and is part of the thyro-arytenoid muscle.
It should also be noted that the crico-arytenoid "joint" is NOT, as depicted here, implemented as a pin or axle.

This diagram omits some extrinsic laryngeal muscles that may play a role in pitch and phonation control, namely the genio-hyoid and the muscles collectively known as the strap muscles, that is the sterno-thyroid and sterno-hyoid muscles.