Linguistics 001     Schedule of lectures and readings

(Fall 2000)

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In the table below, the right-most column gives page references in the course text An Introduction to Language (preceded by the letter "I"), a hyperlink (underlined) or a description of a class handout (in square brackets).

1. Mo 09/11
Introduction to the course  [questionnaire]
2. We 09/13
Perspectives and approaches I4-29
3. Mo 09/18 
Prescriptive and descriptive linguistics  I399-411
4. We 09/20 
Communication: a biological perspective  
5. Mo 09/25 
Communication: philosophical and mathematical perspectives  
6. We 09/27 
Basic elements of linguistic form: morphology I65-98
7. Mo10/02 
The sound of linguistic structure: phonetics I213-248
8. We 10/04
The structure of linguistic sound: phonology I254-306
Mo 10/09
No class  
9. We 10/11 
The pronunciation of English  
10. Mo 10/16  
Combining words into phrases: syntax I I106-149
11. We 10/18 
Formal models of language structure: syntax II  
12. Mo 10/23
Meaning I: semantics I158-190
13.  We 10/25
Meaning II: pragmatics I190-204
MIDTERM (take home) Study guide
14. Mo 10/30
Language in society: sociolinguistics I399-443
15. We 11/01 
Language and gender I434-439
16. Mo 11/06 
Linguistic form in ritual and play: song, verse, language games  
17. We 11/08 
Language production and perception I361-392
18. Mo 11/13 
Brain and language I34-58
19. We11/15 
Child language acquisition I318-358
20. Mo 11/20
Reading and writing I492-513
We 11/22
[Thanksgiving Break: No lecture]  
21. Mo 11/27 
Languages of the World I450-480
22. We 11/29 
Language Change I450-483
23. Mo 12/04
Language in technology I361-392
24. We 12/06 
Signed and spoken language  
25. Mon 12/11
Human and non-human communication  
  Final Exam (take home)  





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