Clubling job descriptions

President - this is a difficult job to describe. Basically, it involves an effort to improve (and maintain) all the workings of the Club. Some of the things presidents past and present have been doing include:

The most important of the jobs for the president are highlighted.

Treasurer - treasurer has to collect dues from students and faculty, keep track of the Club budget by making a record of money flow, make funding decisions together with the President, write checks from the Club checkbook, deposit incoming money into the Club account .

GSAC Representative - has to attend the Tuesday GSAC meetings (not every week; you get a free dinner - pizza?); otherwise the Club loses the GSAC funding (!), fill out GSAC rep portion of the forms when club members ask for GSAC money, forward announcements from GSAC.

Faculty Representative - represent the interests of grad studets at faculty meetings; keep us informed when appropriate.

Computer Resource - help people to deal with computing-related issues, maintain the l-finger directory, maintain the current list of students and their interests, and also of online papers by students and faculty in the department, help with various webforms and webpages as needed.

Penn Linguistics Colloquium Committee - organise the annual PLC conference. Please consult "PLC Manual" for a very detailed guide.

Working Papers Editorial Board - edit and publish the PWPL volumes. Please consult "PWPL Workings" for a very detailed guide.

Speaker Series Coordinator - organise the Thursday Linguistics Speaker Series. This job involves gathering suggestions from the linguistic community, inviting speakers, scheduling talks, and generally organising the Series for one semester.

Speaker Series Food Coordinator - shop for food and supplies for the Speaker Series, lay out the food and drinks for linguists to consume, alternate with the Speaker Series Coordinator in taking the speaker out to dinner (free dinner!), fill out the GSAC forms to get reimbursed for shopping and dining. The Food Coordinator traditionally becomes the next semester's Speaker Series Coordinator.

Inhouse Impresario - organise in-house talks as the need/desire arises. These are usually practice talks that people give before various conferences, or practice job talks.

Social Chair - be the heart and soul of the social life of Clubling: organise the weekly Happy Hour, and various other events.