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2002/04/25: We have our new president, Suzanne Evans

Also new committee members for the coming semester


Past Announcements and Update History

2002/04/23: Club meeting on Thursday (04/25) 10:20am in linguistics lounge

We are going to elect our new president

2002/04/02: Photos of Prospective Students Up

See our photo album.

2002/02/28: PLC registration table schedule

2002/02/16: Photos of Ice Skating Celebration available

See our photo album.

2002/02/05: PLC skating celebration

YEAH!! The long waited PLC skating celebration.

What to celebrate?

Let's say, Eleni's new baby, Amy's new curtains in the office, Uri's new DVD machine, many of you get a new job in PLC, whatever you can think of. 


This Saturday (Feb. 9) 12:15. Meet at the box office. (Don't buy tickets on your own. We'll get group discount.) It also means don't be late. We'll get in by 12:30 and you'll have to pay your own ticket at a more expensive price if you are late.


Class of 1923 Ice Rink, 3130 Walnut Street

How much?

Under $10. Should be about $6-$7 including equipments.

What to prepare?

a pair of dry socks (in addition to the one you wear) for change;

warm clothes (shouldn't be too cold, but you don't want to freeze yourself when skating);

gloves (water proof preferred, unless you are sure you'll never fall);

something in your stomach (skating consumes quite some energy);

guts to learn skating from Tom (he's offering free lessons).

2002/01/11: Clubling meeting

We are meeting next Monday morning (2002/01/14) 10-11am in linguistics lounge.  The descriptions of the jobs can be found in About section.  The agenda:

1. Job report

A brief review of jobs done last semester. If you are currently in some positions, please give a brief summary of what your job is about, and what has been done and planned.

By the way, could you also send me an email of your job description (what the job is about) so I can put it on the web for future convenience?

2. Job assignment

Well... normally, it's not "assigned" but "volunteered". Usually, most positions are one-year track except for GSAC representative, and speakers' series assistant (who will be the next speakers' series chair). However, it's still possible to help the current chairs if they'd like to have a change or just a hand. Please go to the About section for possible positions (I will add descriptions once I receive words from those in charge now).

3. Linguistics course track suggestions

Tony asked me to collect opinions about the current curriculum. For example, as far as I know, at least 7 people hope there is a statistics course available for linguists.

Another issue can be whether the current 4 core subjects for prelims are good for most people. Past experience tells us that our program does listen to what we say, so I think this may be a good chance for us to exchange some ideas. In the meeting,

we can spend a little time to see what issues we can start discussing on-line.

4. Sport contests

This semester, we are going to make it happen. Some of us have been showing up in the swimming pool regularly and we kind of think it may be cool if we have a group contest or something like that. (If you've been to Gimble, you know the water is warm.)

Volleyball is another possibility. Other suggestions welcome. The point is to have fun and to include all genders. (Is football for all?)

5. On-line event submission system

Thanks to Na-Rae for working out an easy system for event submission. We can submit events and make it show up on the web for everybody. We hope to start using it this semester.

6. Other issues

Bring up things you'd like to discuss. It'll be better if you can email us in advance so everybody can have a thought beforehand.

2001/11/27: Linx party photos available

Go to the Photos section to see them.  If you can help me to name the people for the filenames, please do so.  Thanks.

2001/11/25: Linx party photos available soon

The Nov. 2 party photos are scanned.  Please inform Tsan-Kuang if you feel uncomfortable about your photos put up on the web by Monday night when we will do so.


Thanks to Cassie's suggestion.  We have a better name: clubling, instead of PLINC.  : )


Thanks to David Bowie for providing some info about housing.



Time: Nov. 2, 2001, 9pm - whenever

Place: Uri's place (265 S. 22nd street (between Spruce and Locust), apartment 1M (doorbell says Horesh))

Other details, see Tom's email.


Main structure built.  Please help to build the FAQ by submitting either Q's or A's.


The Inhouse session will be head on Tuesday, October 15.  See Tom's email for more details.


The photos taken in our 418 Clean Up Party are ready.  Go to our photo album to see them.


The PLINC Meeting will be held today during 11am-12pm in Linguistics Lounge in Williams Hall.


Due to the tragedy happened in NY, the PLINC meeting was postponed to next week.


The PLINC Meeting will be held today during 11am-12pm in Linguistics Lounge in Williams Hall.


Birth of this page.

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