2002 Feb 22 Prospective Students Visiting


The party has just started, as the Penn linguistics grad students eagerly await the arrival of prospective students... (And Paul is getting impatient...)

Turning off the flash of my camera reveals eerie green lighting in my own kitchen... (And everyone is still waiting...)

Pleased with that lighting effect, I try another shot, while everyone smiles goofily...

Trying to catch winter olympics

TK and Tom, having a deep conversation on appropriate party music...

My broken futon. It just couldn't take the collective weight of Alan, Sophia, Zhiyi and Dan.

In a surge of mixed feelings of responsibility and embarrassment, the gang tries to repair the piece of furniture...

Hooray!! It's fixed!!

A rather early attempt to start up a dancing inferno...

Sophia tries hard...

Party going on. TK is camera-conscious.

Uri and Zhiyi

Uri, Zhiyi and TK

Justin shying away

"Hmm... I wonder what wonderful songs are on Na-Rae's super cool mp3 playlist..."

And surely, inferno breaks out! No linguist can resist ABBA...

John joins Sophia...

Sergio takes the hand of a prospective student...

Soon they are dancing blues...

Taking a break

The less-known Creswell girl smiles at camera

"Stop, Justin Mott!! You're not allowed near the stereo"

"But I love 'Bootylicious' so much!!"

Feeling abandoned, prospective students converse with each other

Yeah!! Big cheese for me!!

Suzanne, Ron, and Tom

Dan and Uri, giggling like girls

Dan showing off his dark side

Sophia invites Dan to the floor...

And soon enough...

Daniel Johnson, up close

Zhiyi and Alan marvel at digital wonders, while my coffee table is suffering a damage

The coffee table breaks down

Voila!! Good as new

Tom McFadden snarls

Tom McFadden squints

"But you see, historical syntax is so misunderstood..."

Sophia jumps

Ron joins in

Justin joins

"Um, ok, you can have the whole floor."

Tom Mcfadden makes a kissy face

Sophia on a break

Making my best photo face