Penn Linguistics Club

Frequent Asked Questions


About the Club

Q: Why should I pay the club dues?

Q: Can I skip the club meeting?

Q: What is PLC?

Q: What is Speakers' Series?

    A: See Speakers' Series Home Page.

Q: What is the In-house session?

Q: Where is Linguistics Lounge?

Q: Can I check out the books in Linguistics Lounge?

Q: What social events do we have?  How do I know them?

Q: Do we have sport teams?

About 418

Q: How do I print from the X-Terminals?

Q: How do I print from the PCs?

Q: Where can I get paper for printing?

Q: Shall I lock the door when leaving 418?

Q: Shall I leave the fan on when leaving 418?

Q: I want to contribute something to the bulletin board.  What can I do?

Q: What's the phone number in 418?

Q: Can I use the closets in 418?

Q: How can I check out the papers/books in 418?

Q: How can I lock my X-Terminal when I have to leave for a short time?

Q: How can I find people's telephone number on babel?

About Housing

Please see an email from Thomas McFadden.

About Campus

Q: Where is Linguistics Lab? What are the hours of that Lab?

The Linguistics Lab locates in 3650 Market Street.

Q: What is IRCS?  Where is it?

Q: Where is the Food Court?

Q: Where can I buy meals?

Food trucks:

Food Court:

Houston Market:

Q: What is LDC?  Where is that?

Q: Where is Moore building?