Party Announcement (posted on 2001/10/15)

Hey everyone,

it is my honor and great pleasure, as your social chair, to announce the next big event on the linguistics social calendar. the club is throwing a party, which Uri will be graciously hosting at his newly spacious Rittenhouse square area apartment. we've scheduled the bash for Friday, November 2nd, starting circa 9pm. Uri's pad is at 265 S. 22nd street (between Spruce and Locust), apartment 1M (doorbell says Horesh). spouses, partners and other friends who can put up with a roomful of drinking linguists are welcome.

now, since this is a club event, it's up to us to actually provide ourselves and each other with food and drink. hence, the party will be largely BYOB, i.e. bring whatever you like to drink, in approximately the quantity you plan to ingest, and plan on sharing. when it comes to food, however, it makes sense for there to be central purchasing and preparation, which I will gladly take care of. additionally, i submit that in this fine state of Pennsylvania, beer is much cheaper when bought by the case than when bought by the six pack. therefore, i suggest that a small amount of club money be employed for such purposes, specifically, $25 for food (i.e. what we spend for speaker series receptions) and ca. $17 for a case of Yuengling. of course, BYOB would still be necessary in addition (if you think one case of beer will be enough for all of us for a whole night you've never been to a Penn Linguistics party), and if youve got some favorite snack food you're welcome to bring that along too, but this would at least take care of the basics in an economical fashion.  according to the tresurer, we do have enough money in the club coffers to pay for this. alternatively, if people prefer not to use club money for such purposes, we can just have a collection at the party to pay for the provided food and beer. please let me know if you have a strong preference on payment options.

if you don't know where 265 S. 22nd Street is, then this is a great time for you to educate yourself on the simplicity of the Philadelphia grid. if you don't know the best way to get there, then that's not quite so shameful, and we'd be happy to help. the simplest way from West Philly / Univ. City would, I think, be to take any one of the Trolleys (aka the Subway-Surface green lines) to the 22nd Street stop. this will put you at 22nd and Market, then you just walk a few blocks south, and you're there. if you're coming from the eastern part of Center City you probably already know your way around anayway, but just in case you don't, you could take the 42 or 21 bus, both of which run along Walnut, or the 40, which runs along Lombard, or you could even ride the Market-Frankford Subway line to 13th street, and there switch onto a Trolley line and ride to 22nd.

party reminders will, of course, follow.

rock out,