Clubling - Penn Linguistics Club

This page is, obviously, still under construction.  The following is some rough descriptions about the jobs each committee member is responsible for.  More will be added in the near future.

Committee jobs

President: Communication with the department (applying for $$, event scheduling, etc.), holding clubling meetings,  coordination among committee members, and all other things nobody seems to be responsible for. (Tsan-Kuang)

Treasurer: Collect mandatory club dues, $15 for students and $30 for faculty. Deposit dues and money from working papers to our bank account.  Deal with reimbursement for speaker series, PLC, working papers, etc. (Kimiko)

Faculty representative: It is a very low maintenance job--you go to the open faculty meetings (2 a year at most, unless we are hiring someone) and report back to the club those things which the faculty wish to be reported on.  (Tara)