Penn Graduate Linguistics Society

About GradLingS

The Penn Linguistics Department has an active student body. As the Penn Graduate Linguistics Society, or GradLingS, we host the Penn Linguistics Conference, organize a bi-weekly speaker series, and publish two annual volumes of working papers.


The club officers for the 2012-2013 school year are:

Co-presidents: Hilary Prichard and Aaron Ecay
Treasurer: Chris Ahern
Secretary: Meredith Tamminga
SASgov Representative: Sabriya Fisher
Speaker Series Coordinator: Mao-Hsu Chen
Speaker Series Assistant: Sabriya Fisher
Social Chair: Eric Doty
Recruitment Liaison: Amy Goodwin Davies

The 37th Annual Penn Linguistics Conference Committee: Anton Ingason and Aaron Freeman (co-chairs); Chris Ahern, Akiva Bacovcin, Haitao Cai, Mao-Hsu Chen, Sunghye Cho, Eric Doty, Aaron Ecay, Sabriya Fisher, Amy Goodwin Davies, Guðrún Gylfadóttir, Einar Sigurðsson, Betsy Sneller, Robert Wilder

PWPL Editorial Board: Marielle Lerner and Soohyun Kwon (editors-in-chief); Hilary Prichard and Kobey Shwayder (volume editors); Akiva Bacovcin, Sunghye Cho, Claire Crawford, Aaron Ecay, Sabriya Fisher, Aaron Freeman, Lauren Friedman, Joe Fruehwald, Amy Goodwin Davies, Guðrún Gylfadóttir, Anton Ingason, Betsy Sneller, Einar Sigurðsson, Robert Wilder

Other Resources

Much more information about GradLingS activities can be found on the department-internal wiki (accessible only to current graduate students; please email Aaron Ecay if you have difficulty accessing it).