How to get rich and famous in Linguistics

(ok, maybe just famous)

These notes are a result of some studenty thinking, and of the workshop on achieving academic success as a linguist, organised in the Spring of 2004 by Clubling, with several faculty presentations.

Zen of Linguistics: maximize your chances - wisdom of Professor Tony Kroch. [PostScript] [PDF]
My notes from the introductory presentation during the first part of the workshop.

Things Practical and Particular: maximize your chances - wisdom of Professor Maribel Romero, Professor Ellen Prince, and Professor Gene Buckley. [PostScript] [PDF]
My notes on abstract-writing, giving a talk, and publishing in journals from the presentations during the second part of the workshop.

Notes on abstract-writing refer to two sample abstracts: a good abstract and a better abstract.

Professor Buckley's handout on publishing in journals. [PostScript] [PDF]

Studenty impressions of the journals and conferences in Linguistics - most important conferences and journals in various subfields, according to our general impression. [PostScript] [PDF]

Information compiled by Sophia Malamud