Qtree download directory

This is the distribution directory for Qtree, a LaTeX package for drawing tree diagrams. Qtree allows trees to be specified in a simple bracket notation, automatically calculates branch sizes, and supports both DVI/PostScript and PDF output.

This is Qtree version 3.1b, of 12 December 2008. Qtree is distributed under the LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL).

Source files

  • qtree.sty The style file
  • qtreenotes.tex The documentation
  • qarrows.tex Additional info on drawing movement arrows
  • Formatted versions of the documentation

  • qtreenotes.pdf
  • qarrows.pdf
  • Compatibility files

    Below you can find Version 2.21 of qtree, provided here for backward compatibility. The only format differences are in the whitespace generated around trees. Unless you have an older document with lots of trees whose formatting must stay exactly the same, you should download the latest version instead.
  • qtree221.sty
  • qtreenotes221.tex
  • qtreenotes221.pdf
  • Alexis Dimitriadis (alexis@ling.upenn.edu)